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How you can support the FBH!

The FBH is a not-for-profit organisation run by the members of the clubs and societies affiliated to it. None of these members receive a wage or any sort of compensation to do so and any help is greatly received and appreciated.

The FBH is here to protect the rights of ALL Reptile and Amphibian keepers not just those who are affiliated.

There are many ways in which you can help support the FBH from joining an Affiliated Club or Society to Donation and just helping us get our message out there through word of mouth and online.

Raising awareness of our plight and the constant persecution by so called 'Animal Rights' groups with pseudoscience and untrue facts is an important role in helping the powers that be realise the positives to Reptile and Amphibian keeping.

Reptiles and Amphibians make great companion animals for those who cannot have a traditional companion animal like a dog or cat and we need everyone to know this.

Things you can do
  • Join an Affiliated Club or Society - A list of these can be found on our Reptile Clubs and Societies Page
  • Donate to our Fighting Fund so we can continue to defend the rights of Keepers. Link at the bottom of the Page.
  • Head over to our Hands Off Our Hobby page and follow the instructions there.
  • If you are already a keeper then promote the hobby in a positive way through everything you do from the way you keep your animals to the way you interact with others especially people new to the hobby.

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