Re-homers Page

Re-Homers Page
Hello and welcome to the FBH Reptile Rehoming re-homers page. Are you able to give a reptile a or other exotic animal a new home for life?
If the answer is YES then lets get started

First lets get you registered you can download our zipped re-homing pack here or at the bottom of the page, it includes our pre-registration form and our re-homing form along with our terms and conditions. Fill out our form and return it to us and you will be put into our system and when and if you see an animal(s) you would like to rehome you will already be registered and the process will be much easier.

Animals for re-homing wil be posted on our Facebook page where you can express an interest in an animal and we can start to process of rehoming the animal(s). You can click the link at the bottom of the page to take you striaght there.

Here at the FBH we charge no fees at all for re-homing as our concern is finding a 'home for life' for the animal(s) and that above all is the most imperative thing.

All we ask is that you join one of our affiliated clubs or societies so that you have access to experienced and informed people to help guide and advise you in your 1st year of ownership of you new animal(s).

You can search the below map for your nearest club or society.

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