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Clubs & Societies Page

Are you an unaffiliated reptile club or society but are interested in becoming part of the FBH to help with the re-homing of animals needing a new 'home for life'? If so then lets get started.

The FBH Repitle Re-homing scheme aims to help rehome the animals in our hobby that sometimes come up for rehoming through no fault of their own and need a new 'home for life', we will not charge for any part of the rehoming process at all, what we do ask for is that people rehoming animals if they are nto already part of an FBH afiliated club or society then they join one to help them through their first year with help, advice and support from experienced and knowledgeable people.

Becoming affiliated to the FBH is a very easy and straightforward process and the annual affiliation fee is nominal.

Affiliation offers many benefits including but not limited to:
  • Free Expert advice when confronted with anything to do with the keeping, breeding or selling of your exotic animals.
  • Being part of a network of Clubs and Societies up and down the country working to help our hobby.
  • Being able to have a free Club/Society table at all shows being run by clubs/societies affiliated to the FBH.
  • Having a real say in the way that the FBH tries to move the hobby forward with being able to attend the FBH committee meetings.
  • Being affiliated to the FBH you will also be kept up to date with any new or updated legislation that can directly affect your rights as a keeper and have a say in the process.
  • You can download our Affiliation Pack Here fill it in and return it to us with the fee and we can go from there.

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