September 2013

Questionnaire Results

Reptile Keeping Study Results!

Only 3.25% of pet reptiles die within the first year. (Not quite the 75% claimed by animal rights groups, then?)

Animal rights extremists have long besmirched the ethics and standards of reptile keeping in the UK, often making unsubstantiated claims that those active within the hobby have considered ridiculous. A recent ‘report’ originated by the Animal Protection Agency claimed that three quarters of reptiles die within their first year, a figure that was fiercely opposed by those within the hobby.

A new academic study conducted by University of Kent BSc student Becky Clark has authoritatively refuted the APA’s claims with data showing the figure to be nearer 3.25%. Utilising data from over 800 questionnaire responses Clark collated evidence which disproved many of the claims made by animal rights groups. Evidence regarding the supposed risk of zoonitic disease, standards of welfare and conservation issues found the methodology and claims presented by the APA study to be lacking.

“If the animal groups really had the ability to prevent reptiles from being kept as pets they would have been able to produce up to date evidence to back their claims. However, there is a lot of scientific evidence available already to refute their claims and statements. With reptiles well on the way to becoming the UK’s most kept type of pet, it may well be easier for those against it to accept this fact and to focus their work on ensuring that these animals are being kept to a high welfare standard instead.” - Becky Clark

The full report is available HERE

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