July 2014

Positive List Implemented in Holland

Positive List introduced in Holland

POSITIVE LIST IMPLEMENTED IN HOLLAND On the 1st July new Dutch legislation implemented a Positive List of mammals that are permitted to be kept came into force. Originally due to be enacted in January but was delayed due to problems with establishing a list of suitable species, indeed the legislation has been implemented without any species being listed…?

The original work conducted by Wageningen University (as used in the Belgian Positive List) has been discarded as unscientific and unreliable. It did not meet the criteria on transparency, neither was it possible to trace back how the result conclusions were reached.

A new criteria for establishing a list of species is now under development with significant input from both the pet industry and private keepers. The new method will be much more scientific and realistic and based on species that can be kept by anyone with based on online care instructions. Species considered more specialist will require a permit issued by the government to be kept.

At this moment in time it is unclear how long it will be before any list are finally completed, notwithstanding this is the second EU Member State to implement the concept of a Positive List of Species that may be kept and should be deep concern to all responsible keeps across the EU, including the UK.

Chris Newman - Chairman

9th July 2014


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