April 2015

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

It’s a bit of a long read (sorry) but my thoughts on the proposed review by the Scottish government on so called exotic pets.

What is really scary is the minister [Richard Lochhead] has declined to meet hobbyist, pet industry representatives and welfare organisations such as the SSPCA. Instead he has announced this review after solely meet with members of the Animal Rights Lobby (OneKind and the Dutch group AAP). This blatant support by the Scottish government for Animal Rights over welfare is very worrying!

The purpose of this discussion document is to stimulate debate between various sectors from the pet industry, private keepers, welfare organisations, veterinary profession, regulatory and enforcement bodies. This is in response to the recent publication on the Scottish Government website: Review of exotic pet trade which facilitates the opportunity for rational debate on the issue of secondary legislation on Pet Vending which is long overdue.

With the passing of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 then then Labour government committed to secondary legislation to address issues such as Pet Vending, Sanctuaries and Pet Fairs. Regrettably no such legislation took place under their tenureship, neither has the current government picked up the baton. A coalition of organisations with a vested interest collaborating to find common ground would be a powerful force for change after the next election.

Chris Newman

The full document is available HERE

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