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June 2013 Newsletter

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EUARK Summit - September 2012

"If a ban was implemented on the importation of live reptiles and amphibians, both wild caught and captive bred, on a scale of 1-10 how much impact would this have on you or your business?" ... Read the Summit notes »

The Fight for Doncaster Reptile Show - 20 July 2012

The UK's largest reptile breeders meeting went ahead at the weekend following an unprecedented last-minute legal battle. Lawyers for the International Herpetological Society sought to enforce a contract with Doncaster Dome after they attempted to impose a restriction on the sale of animals at the event ... Read more »

European Union Reptile Ban Debate - 20 July 2012

Legislation currently being drafted by the EU Commission could effectively ban the keeping of many common reptile and amphibian species; so says the UK's leading governmental adviser on exotic pets. Chris Newman of the Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association (REPTA) says that few reptile keepers or businesses are aware of the pending legislation ... Read more »

Tortoise Raids - 20 July 2012

Read Part 1 - Shell Shocked! »
Read Part 2 - DEFRA's Raids »
Read Part 3 - DEFRA Responds »

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