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Today there are as many reptiles (and amphibians) kept as companion animals (pets) as there are dogs, with in excess of eight million animals. Whenever animals are kept it is inevitable that some animals will need rehoming, for both legitimate and inappropriate reasons. For some species such as cats, dogs and rabbits the numbers of animals in need of rehoming is reaching crisis numbers, but for reptiles and amphibians the numbers are comparatively modest. As the number of reptiles kept continues to increase, however, the number of animals that need rehoming will rise. One of the major issues with rehoming organisations (businesses) is that ‘rehoming’ animals is a completely unregulated activity.

The Federation of British Herpetologists, and its associated clubs and societies, regard rehoming of animal as legitimate part of animal keeping, as it is inevitable that if animals are kept by private keepers animals will on occasions need to be rehomed.

This scheme is aimed at finding ‘Homes for Life’ for animals via the network of F.B.H. clubs and societies and with the participation of partner stores spanning the U.K. allowing animals to find homes no matter where they are in the country.

The Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH), formed in 1995, is an affiliation of clubs and societies across the United Kingdom with an interest in reptiles and amphibians, their conservation, ecology, biology and captive husbandry.

Working in partnership with REPTA

REPTA (Reptile & Exotic Pet Trade Association) will work in partnership with the FBH and facilitate transportation of animals, subject to practicality. REPTA will also assist in finding partner stores.

Partner stores

Approved Partner Stores (pet shops) will be able to offer Category A animals to members of the public, subject to the individual joining a club or society.

How FBH Reptile Re-homing works

Animals will be posted on the Facebook page from member clubs and societies with details of the animal including a picture, a full description and details such as age and sex [if known] and any outstanding health issues, plus contact details for the club/society offering the animal for potential re-homers to liaise with them.

All animals promoted on the Facebook page will fall into one of three categories A, B or C. Category A animals are available to anyone to adopt free of charge with the requirement that they join a participating club or society before receiving the animal, this ensures that new keepers have access to expert advice for at least the 1st year of ownership.

Category B animals are only available to existing members of affiliated clubs and societies & Category C animals are only available to specialist keepers with suitable facilities or recognised institutions.

FBH Reptile Rehoming categorisation schedule
  • Cat A species

    Lizards: Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Blue-tongue Skink

    Snakes: Corn Snake, King Snakes (getulus spp) and Royal Python

    Amphibians: White’s Tree Frog, Fire-bellied Toad, Axolotl

  • Cat B species All species not on schedule A or C
  • Cat C species

    Constrictors capable of exceeding 4 meters

    Lizards capable of exceeding 1 metre

    All Crocodilians

    All venomous species, including rear-fanged

    All Annex A species (excluding Mediterranean tortoises)

    Re-homers Business Clubs & Societies

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