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Reptile Mortality Rates Research, by Becky Clark - September 2013

Only 3.25% of pet reptiles die within the first year. (Not quite the 75% claimed by animal rights groups, then?) ... Read more »

Reptile Miscellany - 20 July 2012

Who killed the Archbishop of Canterbury's pet tortoise? Tony Jones reveals the answer and unearths some fascinating facts and figures from the world of reptile retailing ... Read more »

Move Over Rover - 20 July 2012

This year reptiles will probably become the UK's most prolific pet, ousting dogs' number one spot. The modern family has precious little time for dog walking, and even less inclination for pooper scooping. Finding a pet sitter to cover holidays is a hassle. What today's family needs is a low maintenance pet. Slither forward, the reptile ... Read more »

Captive Bred vs Wild Caught - 20 July 2012

Is there still a place in the pet trade for wild caught reptiles? Opinions are split dependant on who you ask. Tony Jones present the facts from across the whole spectrum of the debate ... Read more »

In Support of Keeping Large Boids - 20 July 2012

PRK readers may have seen the recent news reports about a Bristol couple who are mourning the loss of their cat after it was eaten by a neighbour's Burmese Python, sparking renewed calls for large boids to be included in the Dangerous Wild Animals act ... Read more »

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